AllTALK – Why Publish?

While it is not mandatory to fill in the Organisation and People information, you will find that doing so is of enormous benefit.

If you list your practice and doctors on the Alltalk server, you will be able to:

  • Receive letters,referrals and patient histories from other practices electronically and automatically into your patient records.
  • Ensure everyone wishing to send you information always has your current details without needing to phone or email you first.
  • Notify everyone automatically when your Practice or Doctors’ information changes. When you update your Practice or Doctor data in Alltalk, Pathology and Radiology providers, specialist and other organisations who use Alltalk will be automatically notified.
  • Tell your Pathology and Radiology providers how you want your Addressee information to appear on results. For example, Dr Manfred Smith may wish to have results addressed to “Dr Fred Smith” rather than “Dr M Smith” or “Dr Manfred Smith”

The greatest advantage of all is that if you keep your information up to date. This will encourage everyone else to do the same. Then when you want to send a letter or referral,  you should have no trouble finding the latest information for someone else.

Questions & Answers : Who can see my information?
All and ONLY users of Alltalk who have an account on the same server as you will be able to see your information. You MUST have an Alltalk account in order to successfully retrieve the address file.
Do I have to supply my Provider number?
No. This is not required, but one of the features of Alltalk is to be able deliver a message with only the provider number information. You may specify an alternative ID number (eg initials plus date GK100207) or some other semi-unique identifier so long as it has not been used by someone else.
How do I see the address information?
The address file is available in 2 ways:

  • The data file can be imported directly into your practice software’s Address book. Medical Director, Genie and many other packages allow you to import a data file directly into the Address Book. The Address information can be exported in Medical Director “” format (see Medical Director Help) or in Comma Separated Format (CSV).
  • You can use AlltalkVirtual Printer (AVP) at the desktop to access the latest Address information. Simply Right click the AVP icon (near the clock) at any time and select “Address Book”. You will always see the latest Address file downloaded via Alltalk.

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