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Designed exclusively for the Australian healthcare market, our suite of products takes care of three critical areas – management, billing and e-communications.

MediPATH is the only results, accounts and laboratory management suite in Australia that can be rapidly customised to individual needs. It allows pathologists to address the ever-changing requirements of effective pathology practice management while still remaining within the tight regulatory frameworks of the industry. [more]
MediPATH AP has been developed as a complete, end to end solution for anatomical pathology laboratories. This software is purpose built, touch screen enabled and, when integrated with the appropriate hardware, offers a state of the art laboratory workflow system with a complete chain of custody. [more]
MediBILL is an invoice and debt management suite that simplifies hospital billing by consolidating all charges relating to a visit into a single invoice. Tailored specifically for the Australian market, it automates claims and receipts to and from MedClaims, HIC, TAC and other e-enabled healthcare funds. [more]
MediCLARK (CLient Appointment Reception Kiosk) is a Clinic check-in kiosk enabling a quick and easy registration for outpatient’s clinics by the patient. Freeing up clerical time at the desk, validating appointment details, Medicare (or other Health Fund Cards) and providing a printed confirmation ticket with instructions and maps are all completed with a mere touch on the screen and a swipe of a card. Clinicians are then able to use the printed receipt to discharge the patient and assign schedule fees with a swipe of a barcode or two. No need to represent back to the clerk.

AllTALK is an encrypted, automated e-messaging service that makes it possible for healthcare providers to send referrals, patients’ records, scripts and other documents securely between themselves or their clients. Included as part of MediPATH and MediRAD, it reduces errors and saves on administrative downtime. [more]

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