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Taking the burden and the risk out of eHealth communications

Sending and filing results, referrals, patients’ records, scripts and other documents electronically is hugely time consuming. There can be grave consequences too, if communications get mislaid or sent to the wrong addressee.

Fortunately, there is a safer, easier way.

AllTALK is an encrypted, automated messaging service that makes it possible for healthcare providers to communicate securely between themselves or their clients – with minimal staff involvement.

AllTALK at a glance

  • Secure – includes PKI encryption, digital signing, certificate management and detailed message tracking
  • Cost-effective – save hundreds of man hours of labour intensive work
  • Robust – simple to install and operate, compatible with other systems
  • User-friendly – send any file type
  • Flexible working – includes web services options for client management

How does AllTALK work in practice?

Typically, there is an AllTALK server at each service provider. Each file recipient, doctor, medical practice, installs a very small AllTALK software client. This AllTALK client connects to one or many AllTALK servers to collect files or send files.


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