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What’s it all about?

AllTALK is the latest version of an eHealth communications system that we designed in the early 2000s in conjunction with Gippsland Pathology Service.

We still support the original version, which was known as EQuery. But all new customers use AllTALK, which has added security features including:

  • PKI encryption (the standard used by the Alfred Hospital to submit data to the Transport Accident Commission)
  • Automated certificate management
  • Detailed message tracking

Other notable features include tools to manage multiple document formats (PIT, HL7, rich text) and the AllTALK Virtual Printer (AVP).

The AVP – automatic delivery, filing and receipt

The AVP sends electronic letters directly from Word™ (or another word processing package) to any practitioner, specialist or health organisation. As soon as it is received, the letter is automatically inserted in the patient record to which it refers and an acknowledgement appears in the sender’s patient record.

How does AllTALK work in practice?

Typically, there is an AllTALK server at each service provider.

At the doctor’s practice, the AllTALK client connects to several AllTALK servers to collect results, and send orders and documents.

At the service provider, the AllTALK client collects results for each practice, encrypts the data and forwards the message to an AllTALK server. It also manages incoming orders and documents by extracting the message and placing data into a defined delivery address.

AllTALK is Windows and Mac compatible.


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