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Hospital billing made easy

When patients are admitted to hospital, very few of them pass through just one cost centre. Even for a relatively minor injury or illness, it’s usual for several different departments to be involved. And they all generate their own charges – individually.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

MediBILL is an invoice and debt management suite that simplifies and consolidates the entire hospital billing process. It produces a single patient bill covering all charges relating to a hospital visit.

Written in Australia specifically for Australian hospital service providers, MediBILL has a robust interface that enables it to integrate with any other hospital system. That means there’s very little work involved in getting it up and running.

It’s flexible too – generating invoices automatically, but allowing for user-intervention where equivocal data is found.

MediBILL at a glance

  • Easy to integrate – robust and Australian designed
  • Fully automated – e-invoice delivery to Medicare Online, TAC and all other enabled electronic funds managers (electronic receipting also enabled)
  • Flexible – allowing for easy manual intervention and remote access
  • Clear and simple – all charges on a single invoice
  • Improves visibility of costs – overdue accounts automatically transferred to MediDEBT

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Who uses MediBILL?

MediBILL is in use by over 20 of our clients in Australia, including the Alfred in Melbourne, where the system has been in place since it was first written in 1999. With more than 25 remote campuses and business units, the Alfred uses MediBILL to centralise and simplify billing and receipting.

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