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Our partners

Our commitment to all our customers is to deliver market-leading products, both in terms of functionality and reliability.

To help us do that, we have partnered with two specialist companies – Meier Business Systems (MBS) and Speech Solutions.

As well as providing cutting edge software and hardware solutions, their philosophy and approach mirrors our own, helping us work towards a common goal.


Meier Business Systems supply us with Rocket® D3 databases. With more flexibility and scalability than other common databases, these allow us to customise our products to your requirements more quickly – at the same time, giving you access to multiple records at once.

MBS was founded in 1987 and has its corporate head office in Melbourne. MBS has extensive experience developing and supporting a successful Value Added Software Channel. MBS provides some of the most experienced technical teams in the region, with product knowledge and technical information support for the D3 product.





Speech Solutions provides the voice recognition engine for our Anatomical Pathology suite.

Their flagship product, SpeechMagic, is aimed specifically at the medical and legal sectors. It allows pathologists, radiologists and other clinicians to speed up reporting, increase productivity and reduce administrative costs. This also helps to reduce waiting times for patients and referring doctors.


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