Hospital billing made easy

When patients are admitted to hospital, very few of them pass through just one cost centre. Even for a relatively minor injury or illness, it’s usual for several different departments to be involved. And they all generate their own charges – individually.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

MediBILL is an invoice and debt management suite that simplifies and consolidates the entire hospital billing process. It produces a single patient bill covering all charges relating to a hospital visit, including full inpatient hospital accommodation and associated items.

MediBILL supports Medicare Online & ECLIPSE-all participating funds, DVA, TAC, and Overseas electronic billing.

Written in Australia specifically for Australian hospital service providers, MediBILL has a robust interface that enables it to integrate with any other hospital system. That means there’s very little work involved in getting it up and running.

It’s flexible too – generating invoices automatically, but allowing for user-intervention where equivocal data is found.

MediBILL at a glance

  • Easy to integrate – robust and Australian designed
  • Fully automated – electronic interface to Medicare Online, ECLIPSE-Health Funds, DVA, TAC and all other enabled electronic funds managers (electronic receipting also enabled)
  • Flexible – allowing for easy manual intervention and remote access. Allows for single charges to be split for separate debtors.
  • Clear and simple – all charges on a single invoice.
  • Improves visibility of costs – overdue accounts automatically processed through to Debt Collection functionality.

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Who uses MediBILL?

MediBILL is used in both Public Hospitals and by Private Service Providers. Our clients use MediBILL over a number of campuses, business units, and with a wide range of customised billing configurations.

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