How will MediPATH AP reduce your errors?

MediPATH APMediPATH AP has been designed around a single batch process. Each step of the process is designed to be driven by a single specimen, cassette or slide. By ensuring the article is in the hand, and utilising 2D barcodes and touch screen technology, the potential for errors has been largely eliminated. Having the pre-scanned request for display at the crucial stages, ensures the information is easily at hand. The system is intuitive, easy to learn and follows the workflow and tracking of an anatomical laboratory.

MediPATH AP features

A familiar environment
MediPATH AP features familiar ‘Windows-style’ graphics, which makes the user interface very user friendly.

Latest Technologies
The use of 2D barcode printing and reading ensures maximum data capture for accurate patient matching. Touch screen technology for clean keyboard-free use at stations.

Embedded Audio
Best-of-Breed Speech recognition software is seamlessly integrated into MediPATH AP. Audio files are created from inside the open case and include embedded Patient, Episode,
Date/Time and Author details as an added safety feature.

Simple Coding
Accurate Snomed or Snomed-CT coding is easy to achieve using the searchable database, available with a single keystroke from the reporting screen.

Cancer Registry
Mark reports at validation to automatically generate reports to appropriate cancer registries and screening registries.

24/7 Support
We offer unrivalled levels of support. If you have any problems installing, configuring or using MediPATH AP, our technical team is on hand 24/7 to help. Our team will work with clients to ensure that the system is used to its fullest capability.

Incorporate images into reports with a click of the mouse. Resize or reposition the image with ease.

MediPATH AP will seamlessly integrate with your cassette writers, slide writers and staining instruments. LRS Health has vast expertise in implementing instrument, ADT and B2B interfaces.

Special stains, immunohistochemistry and additional levels are easily ordered via hotkey access. Orders are transmitted immediately to interfaced instruments. The laboratory staff are able to action these extra slides via a dedicated, interactive ‘Outstanding Worklist’.

Result History
Patients previous results are available from within the reporting screen. No requirement to leave the current report.

Reporting Options
MediPATH AP’s own text editor, G-Edit, offers functional rich word processing. Users are able to design custom reporting templates and synoptic reporting is supported.

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