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MediPATH AP has been developed as a complete, end to end solution for anatomical pathology laboratories of any size. The software is purpose built, touch screen enabled and when integrated with hardware offers a state of the art laboratory workflow system with complete chain of custody.



LRS Health has vast expertise in implementing instrument interfaces. Host-Query, Broadcast, Bi-directional and Uni-directional communications are supported
along with a range of communication protocols. LRS Health has implemented interfaces with a wide range of other business software solutions. MediPATH
AP interfaces will seamlessly integrate with your cassette writers, slide writers and staining instruments.

Image Management

Easily capture and incorporate images into reports. Documents and images are stored and are available for display throughout the MediPATH suite where appropriate. Request slip images are available for viewing via hotkey access throughout MediPATH AP and are automatically displayed during the ‘cut-up’ process, providing for a fully paperless laboratory operation.
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Reporting Options

There are a wide range of options available in MediPATH AP for generating and delivering patient reports. Ad-hoc faxing and autofaxing, ad-hoc printing, batch printing and automatic printing at case validation, electronic reports in either HL7 or PIT format and online web based results service are standard.
Printing can be configured to print on specified printers anywhere on a network.
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Special stains, immunohistochemistry and additional levels are easily ordered via hotkey access during case review. Orders are transmitted immediately to interfaced instruments. Orders appear immediately on outstanding worklists for laboratory staff action.
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MediPATH AP uses best-of-breed technology for Speech recognition and audio recording. This technology is seamlessly integrated into MediPATH AP. Audio recording and speech recognition is available throughout the MediPATH AP module including from within G-Edit, the inbuilt text editor.
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Internet Reporting

Access patient results securely from any location where an Internet connection can be established – from a home office, hospital, or medical practice. Results can be delivered in either an HL7 or PIT format via our AllTALK secure, automated messaging service, or simply reviewed online using a secure web based results service. This provides unparalleled flexibility in reviewing results.
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Easy to use, embedded SnomedCT database to allow for accurate coding of your anatomical pathology cases.
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Cancer Registry

Cases marked at validation are reported automatically to appropriate cancer registries.
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