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What can you expect from the MediPATH system?

System features

At LRS Health, we are always striving to improve MediPATH. Constant dialogue with our clients allows us to introduce innovations to the system on a regular basis.

What this means is that you can be confident that MediPATH addresses the genuine needs of pathologists in laboratories today.

So what can you expect from the MediPATH system?

A familiar environment

MediPATH features familiar Windows-style graphics, which makes data entry quick and easy. [back to top]

Different levels of user access security

Control who sees what in the system, with a fully configurable password management system. [back to top]

Multi platform compatibility

MediPATH sits on your own server. LINUX is our preferred operating platform, but we have extensive experience interfacing our system with a range of other systems, platforms and providers in the health space. [back to top]

Minimal downtime

Our transaction logger system minimises downtime in the event your server fails. [back to top]

24/7 support

We offer unrivalled levels of support. If you have any problems installing, configuring or using MediPATH, our technical team is on hand 24/7 to help. [back to top]

Pathology management features

MediPATH provides a full suite of tools to manage critical system inputs for details on patients, doctors and other downstream customers.

These range from manual data entry to the latest in digital data fields from regulatory bodies. [back to top]

Accurate patient registers

Maintaining accurate patient information in a secure system is critical. With MediPATH, you can verify patient details online with Medicare, the Health Fund and Department of Veteran affairs. [back to top]

Doctor registers

MediPATH uses the National Provider Index to provide complete doctor details for medical records. The software is configurable to allow an integrated third party feed to provide the master list of doctor details. [back to top]

3rd party system interfaces

Our team specialises in writing interfaces to the MediPATH software suite. In a typical public or private health installation, MediPATH system often draws its information from a range of departmental or functional third party systems. [back to top]


From manual data entry to a fully integrated document scanning and management system (AutoSCAN), we have a range of tools to create the most efficient registration process in your practice. [back to top]


With MediPATH, there is a range of ways to enter a request into the system. The suite supports order entry requests with printing, tracking and management tools. [back to top]


MediPATH is designed to make lab operations more efficient while providing the tools necessary to manage against a strict set of quality standards and requirements. These include manual recording, instrument interfaces and sendaways. [back to top]

Results validation and processing

MediPATH provides a full suite of tools for receiving, reviewing, validating and reporting on test results. These include a rules tool set, speech recognition and dictation and procedure definition editing. [back to top]

Results distribution

MediPATH can deliver results in a variety of ways, including through the web, EDI interfaces, secure messaging and fax. Read more about [AllTALK]. [back to top]


MediPATH includes a health billing software module, tailored specifically to the Australian pathology market and capable of dealing with the intricacies of interfacing effectively with required agencies like Medicare for reimbursement of funds. It includes a full TAC module for online claims, as well as consolidated billing across the health network. Read more about [MediBILL]. [back to top]

Performance analysis and tracking

MediPATH has a range of built in and optional modules that provide data access for the ongoing management of lab operations – from tracking data to assist with regulatory requirements to statistical analysis for sales development. [back to top]

For a detailed breakdown of features and functionality, download the MediPATH specifications sheet.

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