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Designed exclusively for the Australian healthcare market, our suite of products takes care of three critical areas – management, billing and e-communications.

MediPATH is the only results, accounts and laboratory management suite in Australia that can be rapidly customised to individual needs. It allows pathologists to address the ever-changing requirements of effective pathology practice management while still remaining within the tight regulatory frameworks of the industry. [more]
MediPATH AP has been developed as a complete, end to end solution for anatomical pathology laboratories. This software is purpose built, touch screen enabled and, when integrated with the appropriate hardware, offers a state of the art laboratory workflow system with a complete chain of custody. [more]
MediBILL is an invoice and debt management suite that simplifies hospital billing by consolidating all charges relating to a visit into a single invoice. Tailored specifically for the Australian market, it automates claims and receipts to and from MedClaims, HIC, TAC and other e-enabled healthcare funds. [more]

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